About Me

Once Upon A Time…

Being a writer is no fairy-tale. It’s a compulsion, and one I felt from an early age.

I blame Melanie Rawn. She killed my favourite character in one of her novels (whose name I believe was Rohen.) At the tender age of probably-nine, the injustice of this act cut me to the core. Something had to be done, so I settled down at my mother’s typewriter and rewrote that section of the book. I changed the story into the one I wanted to read.

That day was the start of something. Every time I watched cartoons or read a book, my mind whirled with possibilities of what could happen next. My lack of grammatical knowledge proved to be no barrier to my enthusiasm, and as personal computers and the Internet became a thing, I found myself starting to share my creations with the wider world.

More than a million words of fanfiction (and twenty years) later, I’m still compelled to create. Stories are a huge part of my life, and I hope one day they’ll play a role in my happily ever after.

BD Strike lives in the Midlands with her husband, son, and a mini-menagerie of cats and birds. A lifetime reader of fantasy novels – the likes of Terry Pratchett and David Eddings has left her with a cynical sense of humour and a fascination in anything that stares scientific understanding in the eye and dares it to comment on how unlikely everything is. She studied Biology at university, because nothing defies explanation quite so much as life itself.