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Lulu Press Account Discontinued

 On June 3rd 2021, Lulu Publishing removed my account and all the books I had available to purchase due to a report on the Gilded Cage. They did this with no warning or notice, and deleted all my files. Additionally, they cancelled any in-progress orders.

Further requests for information revealed that they do not allow fanfiction to be published through their system, even if it is being sold at cost, as mine were. No profit was made from my work, but while Lulu publishing did, eventually, acknowledge that they did allow public domain works (but not fanfiction) they did not reconsider their stance on my account and the books contained therein. No mention of the fanfiction clause was made in their terms of service as of June 3rd 2021. Instead, this restriction was mentioned in a help article.

The report was submitted by a third party. This was most likely a potential reader. As the books were not available by general distribution and could only be found if someone followed the links on my personal website and through my social media accounts, it would not have been some random member of hte public that made this report.

As such, I an no longer make any bound copies of my fanfiction available through Lulu for interested buyers. As one of the few print on demand services with global distribution, I have been forced to make my books patreon exclusives with very limited print runs

This means that copies of Electric Pink Hand Grenade, Midnight Blue Serenity and The Gilded Cage are no longer available, even through Patreon.

To Light Another’s Path is the next tier reward, released in August 2021. Patrons in the $13 a month tier at that time will receive a signed paperback version, while people in the $20 a month tier will receive a signed hardback copy. Please note that after this date, To Light Another’s path will not be available.

Thank you for your understanding. 

If you would like to sign up for Patreon, the please visit my Patreon page for more information.

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