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Want to read the next chapter of “Hiraeth” right now?

Patrons in the $2 tier (or above) get access to all my fanfiction over on Patreon at least a week before it goes up on AO3 ❤

You can sign up at

A lot of the fanfic being posted by me on AO3 has been prompted by readers who pledge to me over on Patreon or commission me on Ko-Fi. As I am not allowed to mention either of those sites on AO3 to avoid breaching their Terms Of Service, I am making a quick post here so people know where to go if they would like me to write a fic for them.


For $2 a month, get early access to fic chapters from Hiraeth and all new works.

For $5 a month, vote in a poll to decide which project I should focus on for the coming fortnight (two polls a month). Examples of projects included in the polls are: Cat Among The Pigeons, Monachopsis, Original, King and Court and that Epic Bagginshield Fic I keep talking about. You also get access to draft chapters of all fics, including Hiraeth.

For $10 a month, you can have the opportunity to give me a one word prompt, and your preferred fandom, and I’ll write you a ficlet. These are normally about 500 words long, but can sometimes be several thousand.

Pledges can be cancelled at any time, and I open prompt submissions roughly every three months.

For $13 a month, you get all of the above, plus a 15% discount code for my store.

For $20 a month, you get all of the above, plus a 30% discount for my store.

There are two additional commission at $30 a month and $50 a month, but all the slots for these are currently taken.


Ko-Fi is basically a tip-jar. It’s always open for donations for anyone who would like to show their support.

Ko-Fi commissions are currently closed.

Remember, all fics commissioned or prompts given on Patreon and Kofi will be available for everyone to read over on Ao3 in due time. 

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